Who’s At The Point

Bissell Brothers Brewery

Bissell Brothers is a production brewery with a location in Portland, Maine, that produces expressive ales and crisp lagers. Their vibrant, family-friendly taproom in Portland is one of the largest in the state, where you can purchase beer to-go in cans and enjoy draft pours on-site. Although distribution outside of their Thompson’s Point facility is limited, they have been able to increase production since their relocation, allowing them to supply more beer to their home state.

Cellardoor Winery

From the rows of vines in the vineyard and fermentation tanks in the winery to their tasting rooms in Lincolnville and Portland, the Cellardoor Winery team is dedicated to making and sharing their Maine made wine.

The Rink

Seasonally operated during the winter months, the Rink at Thompson’s Point offers a variety of beverages (including for kids!) Rotating drafts of local craft beer including selections from Bissell Brothers, Mast Landing, Allagash, Lone Pine, and others, in addition to rotating red and white wine selections can be enjoyed in the yurt’s heated lounge.

Stroudwater Distillery

With a focus on curating high quality spirits and a keen eye for great, solid flavor profiles, Stroudwater Distillery is currently rolling out distinctive bottles of Bourbon, Rye, Rum, Vodka, Gin and Coffee Liqueur. Their passion for great spirits means that they won’t bottle anything that doesn’t meet their high standards, whether their enjoying it over a little ice, or in a classic cocktail. Stroudwater Distillery makes spirits in a classic New England fashion.