Best Driving Route:
Fore St, Portland Maine to Thompson’s Point

• Head northeast on Fore St toward Dana St
• Turn right onto Dana St
• Turn right at the 2nd cross street onto Commercial ST
• Continue onto Fore River Pkwy
• Turn left onto Thompsons Point
• Continue straight around the back of the Amtrak and bus station out to the end of the peninsula.

Bicycling is another great way to reach the Point, while getting some exercise and connecting with the city landscape along the way. Walking and bicycling off-road paths and on-street bicycle lanes are popping up more and more in Portland and you can find the best route to and from Thompson’s Point from your starting location using Google Maps and choosing the Bicycle icon when you look for directions. For the bigger picture, you can also check out the emerging bicycle network on this City of Portland map here.

Another great benefit to bicycling is getting to park right at the front door, so to speak. Bicycle racks are located at all major Point destinations.

People who reach the Point by local or express bus talk about how much easier it is than dealing with traffic and parking – and describe the fun they have on the way, checking out the scenery and catching up with friends or family. (Plus no worries about needing a designated driver.)

Local bus options:

To and from the Portland Peninsula: the METRO Route 1 Bus runs the Congress Street corridor directly to the Portland Transportation Center (and also to remote parking at Mercy Hospital on the Fore River Parkway for Thompson’s Point concert events). It’s a quick 5 minute walk from the bus stop at the Transportation Center to reach the Thompson’s Point destinations, including the concert venue.

To and from other Portland locations:the METRO Route 5 (from downtown to Outer Congress neighborhoods, the airport and the South Portland Mall) and METRO Route 9A/9B (circular route running in both directions to and from Westgate Shopping Center, Deering Center, North Deering, East Deering and Downtown). Both bus routes stop on Congress Street, just one block from the Portland Transportation Center and access to Thompson’s Point. If you’re outbound on Congress, let the bus driver know you’re looking for the Whitney Avenue stop. If you’re inbound on Congress, request the stop at Sewall Street. It’s a quick 10 minute walk down Sewall Street and past the Transportation Center to reach Thompson’s Point destinations.

From Brunswick, Freeport and Yarmouth: take the BREEZ Express Service directly to the Portland Transportation Center.

Fare Prices & More Info:

METRO Routes 1, 5 and 9A/9B: $1.50; reduced fare* is $.75

BREEZ Express Service: $3; reduced fare* is $1.50

*Seniors 65+ and persons with disabilities with Valid ID.

Pay as you go – Exact change (bills and coins accepted)

Call 207-774-0351 or visit for schedule or route questions and more.

Note:you can also use other METROSouth Portland Bus ServiceShuttlebus/ZOOM (Biddeford, Saco, Old Orchard) and Lakes Region bus routes from your specific location and get a free transfer to the METRO 1, 5 or 9A/9B.”

Portland Trails offers a few options for getting to and from Thompson’s Point. See the below map and check out for more trails around Greater Portland.

Portland Trails

Amtrak Downeaster

The Amtrak Downeaster is your car-free connection from Brunswick, Maine to Boston, Massachusetts and beyond. Make the most of every moment. Sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery of northern New England. Whether you’re on a daytime adventure, business trip or just going to the game, there are so many reasons to take the train to Thompson’s Point.

We have all three available in our city. ASAP Taxi (207-791-2727) and 207 Taxi (207-956-5680) are just two options.
Take the Amtrak train!  The train station is adjacent to the festival venue. You leave from North Station and arrive at the venue.

Take the bus!  Concord Coach Lines offers consistent and comfortable service between South Station and the Portland Transportation Ctr., which is next to the venue.

Parking FAQ

What are the Pay and Display hours?
Pay and display will take place 24 hours per day 7 days per week.
What is the rate to park at Thompson’s Point?
The rate is $2.00 an hour, pay and display.
Is there a limit on the amount of time I can purchase?
There is not limit to how many hours you can purchase during non-event days.
Does the rate change for concerts and other special events?
Yes! The rate changes to match the event rate during concerts ($20 for concert parking) and no-concert events (rate varies depending upon the type of event) in all lots except Lot 1 (the lot to the Brick North, where the Bigfoot statue is located) and Lot 2 (the lot to the west of Brick North, adjacent to the plaza with the Tree of 40 Fruit Grove).
How does the rate change for Brick North tenant customer spaces during concerts?
The rate for Brick North tenant visitors does not change during concerts. It remains $2.00 per hour. But the amount of time you are able to purchase does change. During concerts, Brick North tenant visitors are only allowed to purchase parking one hour at a time. However, if after one hour you are still visiting our tenant locations, you can repurchase time in one hour increments. This can be done at the kiosks, or if you have the mobile application: you can add time easily remotely without stopping at the kiosk.
Do Brick North tenant customers need to pay the rent rate during concerts or no-concert events?
Customers who come on property to visit a Brick North tenant do not need to pay event rates.
Are there any short-term parking spaces?
Yes, there are spaces for drop-off/pickup/short-term parking on Lot 2, next to the plaza. These spaces provide for free parking for sixteen and a half (16.5) minutes.
Is there a mobile app we can use to pay for our parking?
Yes, there is. We utilize the same mobile app the City of Portland uses, which is called Passport Parking, and can be downloaded at
How do I add time if I stay longer?
Adding time can be done two ways: 1) Printing another receipt at the kiosk, or 2) using the mobile app to extend a parking session, or to create a parking session.
Can I begin a parking session by purchasing a ticket at the meter and then extending the session through Passport parking app?
Can I get text reminders through the Passport app that my parking is about to expire?
Yes. And you can then add more time remotely if you wish.
Can Brick North tenants validate customers’ parking?
Yes, participating tenants can validate customers’ parking through the passport mobile application.
Who do I call if a meter does not print a ticket or malfunctions?
Please call Unified Parking Parkers immediately so that a technician can be dispatched and to ensure you do not receive a ticket. They can be reached at 207-747-4230 or 866-523-2018, 24 hours per day.
Does Unified Parking Partners also perform enforcement on the lot?
No, Unified Parking Partners does not perform the enforcement duties on Thompson’s Point. Enforcement is handled by Park Select and they can be reached at (888) 472-7525 during business hours.
How is parking enforced?
Through ticketing. In the event of multiple unpaid tickets or vehicles illegally parked, Park Select may utilize towing. We do not plan to utilize booting. In certain cases, visitors who park in signed employee spaces may return to find that their cars have been swallowed whole by the Casco Bay Sea Serpent.
Is there a grace period if my time expires?
We do not hire enforcement staff who hover near vehicles waiting for their time to expire. We give everyone a ten (10) minute grace period after your parking expires before we will ticket.
How do I dispute a ticket?
In the event that you receive a ticket, there are detailed instructions on each ticket that explain how this process is done.
Can I dispute a ticket over the phone?
All tickets must be disputed online at or through U.S. mail as directed on the ticket.
Why do you charge 24/7 and on Sundays, and not just until 6pm like the rest of the city?
Our patterns of use are very different from those in the Old Port, and as a private peninsula with a variety of users all working together in a collaborative managed parking environment, we often see activity on Sundays, late into the evening, and at all hours. We have implemented a $10 “overnight rate” for those who, for whatever reason (we don’t judge) have to leave their vehicles for the night, so long as the vehicles are out by 7am the next morning.