Upcoming Events & Inquiries

Can you tell me about upcoming events?
Of course! Please check out our “events” tab for more info, call our office at 207-747-5288, or reach out to us at neighbors@thompsonspointmaine.com.
Who do I contact about booking?
Please contact the State Theatre for all booking. Their number is (207) 956-6000.

Summer Concert Series

I have a questions about my tickets, who should I contact?
Please contact the State Theatre for all ticket questions. Their number is (207) 956-6000.
I lost something at one of your concerts, who should I contact?
Please contact the State Theatre at (207) 956-6000.
I have two tickets, one says GA1 and the other says GA2, can we still sit/stand together?
Of course! All GA tickets allow you access to stand or sit anywhere at Thompson’s Point (except the VIP section).
What items are OK to bring into Thompson’s Point for a concert?
Small soft-sided coolers, bottled water (one per patron, must be sealed and cannot be frozen), hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, raincoat or poncho, valid driver’s license for will-call and/or to drink alcohol. Please contact the State Theatre for more information.
What can I NOT bring into a concert at Thompson’s Point?
Pets,backpacks, cans or glass bottles, alcoholic beverages, illegal or illicit substances of any kind, weapons, fireworks, umbrellas, professional photo/audio/video equipment, glow sticks or wands, laser pointers, a bad attitude. Please contact the State Theatre for more information.
Am I allowed to bring a chair into the concert?
Absolutely. Guests are welcome to bring personal lawn chairs into the venue for most shows. To ensure clear sight lines for all of or guests, only low “beach style” lawn chairs with a seat no higher than 9″ off the ground are permitted. Chairs must be placed behind the designated line on the lawn which will vary in location per show . The area from front of house sound tent to the stage is standing room only. Contact the State Theatre for more information.
Can my young child get into a concert for free?
Yes! Yes 3 and younger are allowed into concerts for free.
I still have some questions about what I can and can’t bring, who should I contact?
Please contact the State Theatre with all questions about what you can and can’t bring! You can contact them at (207) 956-6000.

Tree of 40 Fruit

Where can I learn more about the project?
The artist was featured in a TEDx Talk. The video can be found using this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=t9EuJ9QlikY
Why isn't there fruit on the trees?
While the trees are living showcases of agricultural revolution, they are deciduous trees and rely on periods of daylight and warming temperatures to produce leaves and fruit. Fruit likely isn't on the tree if you're visiting in late fall, winter, and parts of spring... just another reason to return later!
When is the best time to see the tree blossom and/or with fruit on it?
Since all of the fruit on the trees ripen at different times, moments in July through October will be the best times to view that art in full color.

Summer Sunsets

How much is Summer Sunsets entry?
Free for all ages! Everyone is welcome.
Do you allow dogs at Summer Sunsets at Thompson’s Point?
Yes! We love pups. Please make sure they are leashed.