The time is right, the time is now.

When we are asked why do this & why now, we keep coming back to the same answer: the time is right, the time is now. Our vision is to create a live/work/learn environment that is open to all.

Thompson’s Point is transformative place like nothing else you’ve ever seen or experienced. Alive with kinetic & creative energy, Thompson’s Point has become an iconic symbol of life in Maine: With creativity, vision, and independent spirit anything is possible.

Recognitions and Awards

Article: “Five Places to Go in Portland, Me.”

“(T)he city’s most unlikely hot spot… a new outdoor concert venue began staging shows on the riverbank…  an abandoned brick warehouse has been transformed into an entertainment row, with food-and-drink establishments alongside a peculiar cryptozoology museum”.

“(A) gorgeous outdoor spot; Maggie Rogers sold it out twice. ‘It’s the best place to see the sunset in Portland,’ says Wayne, adding that artists love playing there”.

“(A) completely different approach to their craft and how they shared it with the world that was fresh, engaging, deep, and actually very inspiring”.

“MEREDA recognizes some of the state’s most ‘noteworthy and significant’ real estate projects, completed in the previous year… each of these projects aided in Maine’s economic growth, while also embodying MEREDA’s belief in responsible development”.

Article: 2018 Preservation Award Winners

“(S)uccessfully saved a unique piece of Portland’s industrial heritage… the first LEED Core and Shell 2009 Gold Pre-certified project in the city. The rehabilitation of Brick South.. is a further catalyst for the ongoing development of this former industrial site. It is a vital component for the future of this emerging and dynamic new Portland neighborhood”.

Article: Best Workplaces for Commuters

“(O)ne of the top places to visit, work and live for visitors and commuters, offering exceptional transportation options and benefits that meet the National Standard of Excellence criteria.  Thompson’s Point is one of only two companies in the entire state of Maine to earn such recognition”.