Welcome to Open Orchard Freeport.

Our site is being built, but while you’re here please read a little bit about what we’re planting.

About the project.

Our tree farm, located in Freeport, Maine, will be a collection of heirloom, antique, and native stone fruit varieties that preserves, promotes, and reintroduces forgotten fruits to people everywhere. Through community partnerships, we will grow these fruits for:

  • Sale to the general public
  • Agricultural training—education, growing, harvesting, and grafting workshops
  • Pick Your Own plus fruit blossom, and fresh eating tours.

What’s planned for growth.

Open Orchard will be a rich environmental resource for all who care about preserving and protecting precious food resources for generations to come and will be planted with:

  • Tree of 40 Fruit
  • Forgotten fruit varieties
  • Heirloom fruits that were cultivated before WWII
  • Antique centuries-old fruit varieties
  • Cultivation stock of plums, peaches and cherries from New York